Program Manager

Program Manager Job Description

An ACC Program Manager oversees scheduling, pricing, and project performance for assigned customers. They may aid with proposal development, contract negotiation and contract compliance. Proposal preparation may include assisting with plans, specifications and financial terms of the contract. They may assist with business development initiatives.

The Program Manager ensures master plans and schedules are followed, developing solutions to program challenges, and directing others for successful completion of project on time and on budget.

Program Manager Expectations

•   Primary communication and customer development

•   Become aware of each assigned customer’s business health, market health and strategy going           forward

•   Is ACC’s face to the customer, representing all of ACC’s capabilities

•   Advocates for customer inside ACC

•   Represent the customer’s best interests and needs to all areas of ACC to ensure their needs are met

•   Proactively tracks projects, deliverables and customer expectations

•   Has primary responsibility in ACC to be constantly aware of all customer projects in ACC, track their progress, ensure delivery dates and manage any discrepancies

•   Communicates customer expectations to ACC

•   All customer needs and expectations must be articulated clearly to all parties in ACC that are needed for a successful program

•   Develops and tracks customer forecasts

•   Gather customer forecasts, document and periodically update them communicating any changes to ACC personnel

•   Investigates and develops new opportunities with customers

•   Pursue new opportunities with each customer and develop a long range forecast for quantities and new technologies needed

•   Coordinates periodic visits to customers

•   Plan periodic (monthly, quarterly, etc.) meetings to maintain close relationship with customer

•   Determines ACC personnel engagements with customers

•   Review each customer relationship and determine which other ACC personnel to engage in discussions or participate in on-site visits

•   Manages quotation packages for customer – follow-up and reports

•   Provides Quote Manager with details to develop quotation for materials

•   Communicates any special requests from customer

•   Manage progress, details, and timing – work closely with all ACC personnel engaged in preparing the quotation information

•   Develop final proposal to customer

•   Seeks appropriate approvals for Quotation Package before sending to customer

•   Provides quote to customer in standard ACC format.

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Employee Testimonials
Brittany Simeroth
I have worked for ACC for 9+ years and when I started, I had no experience in electronics manufacturing. Throughout my time here I have learned so much and gained many new skills. ACC is a family-oriented company, where the work is interesting and never boring. If you have the drive to move up, you can. It has been wonderful to grow with this company. I hope to continue to for years to come. It's a great environment with a very positive atmosphere."
Matthew Beerup
Before joining ACC, I knew very little about electronics or the electronics industry. I have received ongoing training and encouragement from a team that respects me as an individual and values me as an employee. The work I do at ACC is challenging and I am rewarded for meeting those challenges. My team is constantly reminding me that my effort is appreciated."
Matt Bisbey
I started working at ACC Electronix, Inc. in February of 2019. I was hired on as a stockroom fulfillment associate. After being with the company for about 2.5 years I have moved up to the position of Quality Technician. ACC Electronix gives and promotes opportunities for its’ employees to gain personal and financial growth from within the company. This business integrates training with skills to setup a successful career path for its’ employees. ACC Electronix provides a very clean and safe work environment for all staff members. The calm and patient vibe created by the Managers and the Leads on the floor is felt and appreciated by the associates throughout the plant. I am personally grateful for the ongoing career advancements and friendships that have been presented to me while being on the ACC Electronix team."
Antwan Tillmon
ACC Electronix is a wonderful place to work. where management is approachable and understands everyday problems and struggles. And you are always greeted with a warm smile. it's a great vibe to walk in and see so many people that are dedicated and very passionate about the work they do. it is a climate-controlled facility that is well kept. We are continually growing every year. I myself have gained so much knowledge from our leadership and I am very appreciative of their open-door policy. if you are looking for a place to work that has a friendly environment, family orientated place where everybody knows and addresses you by your name, then ACC is the place to be!"
Farad Muhammad
Working at ACC is a learning experience every day. I love my job because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. This truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other."
Jim Knight
I really enjoy the culture here at ACC. The people are enthusiastic. Positive Attitudes and optimism are a must in a fast-paced environment like ours. Working as a team will all ACC employees makes for a rewarding workday. Positive outlooks are a common factor here and they go a long way."
Mike Parker
I’ve had the pleasure of working at ACC for over 8 years now. The individual trust and work culture instilled by ACC ownership is unmatched and continues to motivate me to be my best."
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