45 Years of Experience in Electronics

ACC manufactures ruggedized products that operate in the toughest environments
Whether you have a prototype or a proven design, ACC's experience will help your organization achieve its goals for quality improvement, on-time delivery, inventory control, and cost reduction. We will develop a custom formula to assist in your company’s success.
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ACC is a manufacturer of electronic equipment. Our goal is to create a partnering relationship that makes our customers successful in their business. We would be pleased to add you to our growing list of partners.

What We Offer

ACC offers a full range of Electronics Manufacturing Services.
Electronic Product Assembly includes
Final assembly and test
Cost management
Your complete fulfillment operations solution
Product design and engineering support
Repair services include Warranty Repair,
Depot Repair, SMT repair equipment and more
News and Updates

What's the latest

Apr 11, 2024
Software Augments ERP to Optimize Inventory

Cloud-based software helps manufacturer of safety products prevent stock-outs and part shortages.

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Apr 4, 2024
Kaizen, Automation, and the Automotive Industry in 2024

Multimedia Editor and Host Jennifer Pierce shares highlights from the ASSEMBLY Audible podcast.

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Mar 25, 2024
New Adhesives, Dispensing Equipment Improve Bonding Efficiency

Whether you need a UV-cure adhesive to assemble a medical device or a...

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Mar 14, 2024
Update Report: 2008 Assembly Plant of the Year - IBM Corp.

The mainframe computers and enterprise systems produced at Read More

Engineering Manager

Major mining company
Just to let you know, we recognize the additional effort ACC is putting in on this project and want to thank you and your team for it. It is great to have a supplier actually exceed expectations."

Product Manager

Agriculture customer
We really value our relationship with you guys and the ability to be quick and candid on projects. We appreciate your urgency and willingness to push the envelope this past spring when we struggled through some serious design and timeline issues."
Who We Are

ACC Electronix

“Flexible" and "Adaptable” are great descriptions for ACC’s workforce and equipment. Whether you need hand-built prototypes or high-volume production, ACC has the resources needed.

Our production facility is designed to efficiently handle a diversity of customer production requirements, product testing, and final product assembly.